Adela Media Film and TV Production Company

Long Live Bulgaria

Running time: 55 minutes
Production company: ADELA MEDIA Film and TV Production
Co-production with: Bulgarian National Television
With the support of: National Film Center; Culture program of Sofia Municipality
Script and directing: Аdela Peeva
Executive producer: Slobodan Milovanovic
Camera: Dimitar Skobelev, Plamen Ghelinov, Svetla Neikova
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The film Long Live Bulgaria focuses the attention of the public on a serious problem - the revival of nationalism in Bulgaria. In the course of three years we traced the development of several young people from Sofia, Stara Zagora and Plovdiv – big cities in Bulgaria. These are young people with a strongly developed patriotic feeling, who define themselves as patriots and more often as nationalists.

Driven by patriotic sentiments and a desire to affirm their own identity, these young people cross the thin line between patriotism and a pronounced nationalism. Indifference, or the overt support of the "elderly" deprive them of a corrective, and that means that the generation growing in Bulgaria today is prone to chauvinism and aggressive nationalism. They all think the future belongs to them. However, the question is: what future can we expect?

Where is the border between patriotism and nationalism? When and how does the awareness of patriotism and nationalism begin? Who is involved in this awareness: teachers, parents, friends, intellectuals, local authorities?